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Mount Everest

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Mount Everest

Mount Everest är världens högsta berg.

Citat om berget[redigera]

"Because it is there." George Leigh Mallory, svar till frågan 'Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest ?'.[1]

"I have climbed my mountain, but I must still live my life" Tenzing Norgay[2]

"As far as I knew, he had never taken a photograph before, and the summit of Everest was hardly the place to show him how." Edmund Hillary[3] referring to the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

"The highest of the world's mountains, it seems, has to make but a single gesture of magnificence to be the lord of all, vast in unchallenged and isolated supremacy." George Leigh Mallory, 1924[2]

"Oh, the absolute lethargy of 24,600'. You want to pee, and you lie there for a quarter of an hour making up your mind to look for the pee bottle." Sir Christian Bonington, 1975[2]

"I have not conquered Everest, it has merely tolerated me" Peter Habeler[2]

"Everest for me, and I believe for the world, is the physical and symbolic manifestation of overcoming odds to achieve a dream." - Tom Whittaker[2]

"Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by others..it rises from your heart" Junko Tabei efter sitt lyckade försök 1975[2]

"Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory" Ed Viesturs[2]

"Pissing through 6 inches of clothes with a 3 inch penis" svaret från en anonym Everest-bestigare om vad som var tuffast med bestigningen. [2]

"I was in continual agony; I have never in my life been so tired as on the summit of Everest that day. I just sat and sat there, oblivious to everything." Reinhold Messner, 1980[2]

"Tiden på toppen är helig för mig, Där på toppen vidrörde jag min fars själ." Jamling Tenzing Norgay, son till Tenzing Norgay (Förste bestigaren av Everest) [4]

"Vilken idiot som helst kan nå toppen, tricket är att ta sig ner" Rob Hall, omkom själv 1996 på berget efter att ha bestigit toppen för sent på eftermiddagen och tagit beslut mot allt förnuft. [5]

"That bivouac (on Everest in -75) was crucial to me, a turning point in the way I have lived" - Doug Scott [6]

"Berget kan inte besegras" - Göran Kropp [7]


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