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Nils van der Poel

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Nils van der Poel

Nils van der Poel, född 25 april 1996, är en svensk skridskoåkare. Han vann distanserna 5 000 meter och 10 000 meter i världsmsästerskapen 2021 och i Olympiska spelen 2022. Han är världsrekordinnehavare och innehar olympisk rekordtid på båda distanserna.


  • I held myself to a high standard and I rewarded myself properly and often. When I failed I forgave myself and tried my best not to fail again.
  • My training program was very simple and therefore very robust. It was cheap and reliable. [...] To me speedskating was just a one legged squat, repeated over and over during maximum heart rate. It was all just very simple and I kept it that way.
  • The biggest challenge of my training program was to be able to keep wanting to do it. Motivation was key.
  • I hope that what I've written here will contribute to my records being broken.