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Gad Rausing

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Gad Anders Rausing, född 19 maj 1922 i Bromma församling i Stockholm, Sverige, död 28 januari 2000 i Montreux, Schweiz, var en svensk industriman och arkeolog.

Citat med källa[redigera]

  • Since at least one, and possibly two, of the persons and of the events mentioned in Beowulf can be corroborated and dated with the help of contemporary chronicles we must, until the opposite can be proved, accept the rest of the accounts as historical.
    Since several persons who figure in Beowulf are also mentioned in other, independent sagas, Ynglingatal, the Ynglinga Saga and Widsid, we must assume them to be historical and, if so, also the rest of the sagas.
    • Gad Rausing, "Beowulf, Ynglingatal and the Ynglinga Saga. Fiction or History?" (abstract) – Fornvännen 80, p. 163–178 (1985), ISSN 0015-7813.

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